Principal's Message:

I welcome all the parents and students on the portal of Silver Oaks School and expect sincere cooperation for the attainment of school’s objectives. We, at Silver Oaks School practice SILVEROAKS behaviour. The SILVEROAKS acronym is used to remind students and parents.

“Sincerity, Integrity, Loyalty, Virtuousness, Empathy, Responsibility, Optimism, Adaptability, Kindness and Spirituality.” These values, we believe will enable our students to take a leadership role in learning and in life. I believe my role as an educator is to guide and nurture the next generation to establish skills to achieve health, respect, prosperity and fulfilment.I am passionate about students being empoweredto succeed. As Principal, I would like to use all tools available to inspire staff, students and community to promote student achievement and well-being.

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Neetu Arora.


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